The Mobile Collection

Mobile is one of the oldest cities in the United State, Established in 1702 as the first capital of colonial La Louisiane by a pair of French brothers, Pierre Le Moyne D'Iberville & Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville. Mobile remains Alabama’s only saltwater port.

Being a port, Mobile is constantly influenced by the world travelers its sees as well as the varied cargo that passes through its port every day

It doesn't take long for one to see the French, Spanish & English early influences in architecture, food, music and traditions that make Mobile what she is today. 

1702 from Thrice is reminiscent of the clean waters and bright future the brothers saw in the Port City. A 1702 the perfect addition to the Mobile line of oils

One of Mobile’s sister cities, Havana, Cuba, is known primarily for its high-quality cigars. Habanos, the Spanish word for these rare and valuable cigars, literally means “from Havana.” Subtle hints of tobacco and vanilla in this scent from Thrice’s Mobile beard oil collection certainly give the feeling of being “from Havana.

Rhum, from the French rhum agricole, is liquor made from fresh pressed sugarcane juice, and can be found on the French Caribbean islands. Thrice has included this “Rhum”-inspired scent into its line of beard oils celebrating Mobile’s French heritage and coastal vibe. Notes of coconut complement the subtlety of sugarcane in this warm and beachy scent.

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