Thrice Bare Conditioning Beard Oil - 2 fl oz UnScented Beard Softener 100% All Natural Leave In Conditioner for Men

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  • All natural custom formulas - specifically created to help clean and soften your beard
  • Keep your beard growing - clean beards and skin underneath helps promote hair growth
  • Are you tired of "beard itch"? - Helps soften the skin thus helping relieving beard itch
  • Simple to use simply pour into hand and work into your beard and massage into skin

Our latest beard oil is pure and simple, bare. A beard oil filled with only all-natural carrier oils to manage the toughest beards out there. No essential oils are added to bare, for the men who are looking for something simple. Whether you don't want a beard oil to mask your cologne or the hunter who needs to tame that beard but want to remain hidden, bare is perfect for you. (Bare will still have a slight, natural scent from the carrier oils.) Carrier oils: Hempseed oil avocado oil apricot oil sunflower oil Thrice authorized dealer statement: Thrice is firmly committed to providing our customers with best in class customer service and premium products through authorized dealers. Our policy is to honor product warranties only on products purchased from an authorized Thrice dealers and by a receipt or proof of purchase. If you purchase a Thrice product from an unauthorized dealer or if it is, defaced or altered, your Thrice warranty will not be valid. Unfortunately, there are some websites and unauthorized dealers who claim to be authorized Thrice resellers but are not. Products sold on these websites or from unauthorized resellers do not carry a warranty from Thrice. When you purchase products from an unauthorized website or dealer you are taking a risk, because these products may be counterfeit, used, defective, or may not be designed for use in your country. Please protect yourself and your Thrice product by ensuring that you only purchase Thrice branded products from an authorized Thrice dealer. If you purchased a counterfeit product with a credit card, you may wish to contact your credit card company and dispute the charge. Thrice will provide you with an email identifying your product as a counterfeit to assist you in this.